What is PEI?

Personal Equity Institute is committed to teaching and implementing new and effective processes for acquiring wealth.

PEI online resources, which include classrooms, training seminars, books, articles and informational videos help clients understand the dynamics of accelerated wealth building and the pitfalls of traditional financial planning

PEI examines historical data, apply common sense, and structure powerful prosperity systems, featuring our Be the Bank™ process. Anyone willing to remove the blinders of traditional financial planning and to invest time in learning about Be the Bank will change their financial future.

Why are we in business?

Personal Equity Institute is in business because there is an appalling lack of honest information about financial issues that is being made available to the public. This shortcoming has opened the door for PEI to show our safe, secure and time-tested Be the Bank™ process to people interested in their financial future.

Who are our target clients?

Target clients are small business owners, professionals; including doctors, attorneys, athletes and others, who have discretionary funds available to invest. We also align with certain financial advisors, as well as partnering with infinity groups, organizations, churches, and other entities.

What's our mission?

The mission of Personal Equity Institute is to enhance, preserve and maximize our client’s wealth by educating them so they can safely, and in a proven manner, take control of their financial future.

Personal Equity Institute is able to accomplish our mission by engineering strategies that allow our clients to achieve financial success beyond traditional needs-assessment planning. We strive for the highest financial potential of our clients by using economic models that measure the costs, as well as the benefits of every financial decision. Our wealth-building systems are based on economic reality, not sales hype and historical rates of return. We're dedicated to providing accurate information and advice about the way money really works.

What are our values?


Personal Equity Institute feels that leadership should be one of the primary attributes of any financial strategist, especially in uncertain economic times. Unfortunately, a lot of advisors do what's convenient, not necessarily what is in the best interest of their client. PEI will challenge you to do what is in your best interest. With our help, you will discover the proper way to maximize your wealth safely by using our proven Be the Bank™” process.


Personal Equity Institute is grounded in a higher purpose than ourselves. Therefore, our systems and advice meet the highest ethical standards found anywhere. Our clients are the only ones who care about their money and dreams more than we do.


If our clients are willing to open their financial lives to us, then we should be willing to do the same with our clients. Therefore, anytime a client would like to see if we "practice what we preach," they only need ask to see our personal financial models.


Personal Equity Institute isn't interested in the quick sale. We expect to work with our clients for 25 years, not 25 minutes. At Personal Equity Institute, we treat clients like family and friends. We are totally dedicated to providing services that are in their best interest.


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