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1) Whole life insurance has been around for over 200 years.  Yet, we still see strong hesitation to purchase this type of product.  What do you feel are the biggest misconceptions of whole life insurance?

2) Why don’t more people know about this?

3) How does this work?

4) Why is this better than conventional investments?

5) There are a lot of financial pundits out there that suggest buying term life insurance and investing the difference.  What do you tell people when you hear this strategy?

6) There are numerous advantages to your PEI such as the recapturing interest paid to other financial institutions, a growing death benefit, and the ability to leave behind a legacy.  What, if any, are the disadvantages or drawbacks of this concept?

7) Recently, we have seen many commercial banks shut down or acquired due to questionable financial decisions.  This is causing a lot of people to be wary of where they keep their money.  Can you speak to the stability of life insurance companies?

8) How are dividends treated?

9) We enjoy the ability to access our cash value on a tax-free basis.  Yet, I often see comments from naysayers like, “when the government finds out, they’ll change the tax laws.” Although tax laws are uncertain, are you confident that these tax advantages will stay in place for whole life insurance long term?

10) What would you say is most important in making Be the Bank™ successful and why?




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